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Who exhibits at RENT?

The companies that exhibit at RENT provide innovative services for estate agents, property managers, property developers, and commercial property professionals. Their solutions facilitate marketing and management and are usually delivered online. RENT welcomes both young start-ups and industry leaders from all over France and abroad. The 2015 show will host 125 companies at 110 stands.

Exhibitors list

# Description Contact Stand

Immobilier 2.0 A01


Launched in October 2000, EXPLORIMMO brings you the best properties on the Internet and smartphone for anyone seeking to rent, buy or sell a place to live. EXPLORIMMO features over 700,000 ads, ranging from old to new properties – including prestige properties – for sale and for rent throughout the country. Besides the ads, EXPLORIMMO offers a wealth of advice and information on living accommodation in general, along with practical services closely related to the property world (financing solutions, insurance, etc.). A02


Immovision provides Internet solutions for property professionals. It offers three main services: - Property transaction software design. - Website design with over 2,000 sites in its portfolio and 20 years of experience - SEO/ SEM to enjoy maximum search engine visibility. A03

Habiteo is the 1st website specialized in new real estate. Its 3D technology enables internet users to visit flats prior to their construction and property developers to reduce significantly their marketing budgets. As a genuine tool for supporting sales, Habiteo is about to revolutionize the new real estate market by industrializing the 3D modelling : its innovative technology allows, at a lower cost, to access a complete real estate programs management software and an innovative media for generating contacts. A04

Cap Développement A06


ARTEFACTO have based the heart of their business in the design and production of 3D communication tools. Created in 1998, they have become a reference for virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D visualization for architecture, real-estate and urban planning. A07

BureauxLocaux, first commercial real estate website and mobile application, is the CEOs’ fastest reflex for commercial real estate. We advertise more than 20 000 offices, retail spaces, warehouses, lands all over France. allows commercial real estate agencies to communicate through the website, newsletters, e-mailing and displays. A08


GERCOP corporate offers a wide range of products and services for real estate professionals, including management, ownership or transaction. GERCOP corporate has 37 years experience in real estate services with more than 2,300 customers. A11


aC3 provides a full web transaction software, that you can access from anywhere and at any time, for resale, promotion, rent and management business. Immo-Facile has efficient functionalities and tools (multicasting, prospecting, seller/buyer rapprochement, sales report, automated actions...) as well as multiscreen compatibility (MAC, PC, Iphone, Ipad, Android). In the perspective of a global web solution, ac3 also provides custom made real estate websites coupled to the software and offers a personalized follow-up on its referencing... More than 4500 agencies already trust us. A12 A14


IMMO FACTORY is a leading software editor for real estate & property developers performance. We provide inovative solution to capture, manage, transform leads and satisfy customers. Web portal & mobile apps to tool up the professionals A16

Immomatin A24

VisiteOnLine C37


1st French real estate website with 1.2 million classified ads and 8 million unique visitors per month. Leboncoin offers a service tailored to real estate professionals, committed to deliver transactions and prospecting. C18


MKI offers digital marketing solutions and assists real estate professionals in the implementation of their conquest operations, loyalty, customer care, CRM and multi-channel distribution. C15

Docusign A02

Apiwork C12


OXIONEO-IMMO.COM invented Live Real Estate Bidding: the most transparent platform for buying and selling at market price. Efficiency: OXIONEO-IMMO.COM is the first interactive platform for collecting bids in real time, for any property, from a simple parking place to an architect villa! Compare, choose and buy at the effective market price! C11

Le Journal de l'Agence C06

Listglobally C05

Locagestion C03

Apimo C02


TISSOT is the reference of real estate professionals for their legal acts. TISSOT proposes from 2014 online forms: Créatis. This application key innovation is the dynamism of the data. You do not complete a form, you build the TISSOT as you please. Of course, this full web application has a lot of tools that combine both ease and speed of form filling. C01

Géolocaux B30


MyCloud3D is a company specialized in creating real-time 3D visits broadcasted on the internet for the real estate industry. Thanks to the combination of top of the art technologies, MyCloud3D creates 3D environments with high graphical quality and multiple options enabling the user to project himself in its future building and customize its layout. All our 3D visits are available on the internet on any device thanks to a revolutionary cloud platform. B30


Real estate software, intended for estate agencies, property managers, renting managers, for property developers and for architects. Totally full-Web, our software meet the needs of mobility and optimization. B26

GreenAcres-ImmoFrance is the leader in second home for sale listings in Europe. Thanks to international traffic (50% of leads coming from France, and 50% from abroad) the site attracts buyers from all over Europe, offering its clients immediate international visibility B25


SeLoger is the leading property portal in France. Through our mobile and web platforms, we thrive to help daily thousands of home hunters to get in touch with estate agents to find the perfect place to live in. Our wide range of tools and products offer real-estate professionals the power of online data to extend their local expertise. B24


Poliris is the technological arm of : helping real estate agents being more efficient & competitive online through website creation, traffic acquisition (SEO, SEA) & real Estate CRM software B23

Diagorim B22

La Boite Immo

Actor known and engaged in the real estate world, La Boite Immo is one of the rare webmarketing agencies in France to be exclusively specialized in the real estate sector. We propose real estate website creation, SEO, real estate software and mobile apps for estate professionals. B21

Drawbotics B18


Creator of virtual spaces for real estate professionals B17

Logic-Immo B16


Hektor is an innovative real estate software. Full web, ergonomic and intuitive, it permits to manage all real estate activities in a very professional way. This complete software is also accessible through mobile and tablet. B15


WorldPosting international syndication tool broadcasts your listings to the world’s leading real estate portals around the world. Reach over 200 million potential buyers and investors in over 45 countries and 130 portals in one simple process via our automated service. B03


Previsite allows the world's real estate companies to promote their property listings on the internet in an innovative and patented way. Previsite is the pioneer in the sector of the marketing of real estate advertisings with his various products : virtual tour, multimedia ad viewer, publication on internet and social networks, ... B13

BientotVendu B11

Opinionsystem B09

CompareAgences B08

Seiitra B07

SMS Partner

SMS Partner, easily deliver text SMS information, alerts & offers to all your contacts in seconds. D08

Inch B01

Immodvisor A34


Selling a home is also selling a neighborhood. Real estate agents and developers use Kel Quartier's information to promote their properties' locations. A33

ArchiDeco® - Home Staging Virtuel® A32


Converts your listings automatically into professional videos! A31


Ubiflow is dedicated to feeding classified portals with high-quality classified ad datas and listings. Ubiflow is a recognised feed provider for ads in France, providing quality, value-for-money and customer care. A29


Immo-One, the global 100% web real estate solution offers a wide range of innovative web services designed for real estate professionals . With E-Transac , the first full-web software appeared on the market , you will optimize your portfolio’s visibility, manage and develop your business by keeping a constant eye on your key indicators. We are also specialists in responsive design websites for real estate professionals. A27

HBS-research / La Place de l’Immobilier

HBS-research's unique database "La Place de l'Immobilier" is the #1 french commercial real estate information company covering 3.8 million buildings, representing 2.4 billion m2, with their owners and tenants, 380 sales, 34 thousand lettings and 3.7 thousand office and retail listings. HBS-research allows residential brokers to increase significantly their revenues by accessing to owners information as well as office and retail real estate multiple listing services MLS. C38


VitrineMedia is a pioneer and the world leader in LED display for real estate agencies. Expert in the field of displays exclusively dedicated for window communications, our company also offers interior display solutions to optimize wall surfaces, to furnish your agency interior and also to accompany you during your professional events (tradeshows, congresses…) B10

OptimHome Immobilier

An exceptional, modern estate agent opportunity with exceptional rewards The OptimHome opportunity is unique and we are looking for entrepreneurial and high performing estate agents to join our fast growing elite network. This is a truly unique and exciting career opportunity for agents who are looking to take their next big step in the industry. - Work from home during hours that suit you. - Receive commissions of between 70% and 98% of all your sale fees, some of the highest in the Estate Agency industry. - Full remote access to our secure agent portal to manage your property sales portfolio. - Your properties automatically advertised to over 10 million people each week on leading property websites. - Our fully loaded Agents pack that includes everything you need to run your business. - An intensive training program that covers all aspects of running your own successful business. Also ongoing training and development will be provided. If you have the talent and vision, we have the resources to make you a success. B06

Consortium Immobilier

Consortium immobilier brings Web Solutions for 11 years to Real Estate Agencies: 1/ Brand New Business Solutions (Full Web purchasing ans saling database, Co-working share agencies, statistics etc: 2/ Real estate websites, SEO and adwords strategy ( More than 800 customers websites created: 3/ Full widespread real estate Ads ( More than 2 Millions visits a month: , ) C04

Enova Immobilier

We are software editors for 25 years now. Enova is our full web software version , developed in 2004, 2009 and 2012. Enova Real Estate Transactions, Enova Vacation Rental, Enova Property Management are three professionnal softwares, each of them having management, commercial and accountancy functions C43

Creative Space Lab

Discover our newest Mixed Reality sales tools! Winner of the Innovation Awards FF2i-RENT in 2014, the CREATIVE SPACE LAB is showing a preview of its EASYSCAN mobile application that allows you to SCAN the environment and get 3D model in real time and size. Come as a Beta tester and try our tomorrow digital tools : scan your rooms with a tablet, collect room size, floor plan, augmented reality markerless in home staging, innovative solutions tailored to your business needs in real Estate, Construction, Retail ... come to our demonstration area C42 C40

HomeRésa B02

Acreat C34

Ma Gestion Locative C31

Wall-Market D03


Vivastreet, which operates in 14 countries, is the second largest classified ads site in France. It offers in total more than 1 million classified ads with nearly 100 000 real estate ads. Every month 1.5 million persons visit the Housing category of Vivastreet and help 1,500 professionals to sell and rent their properties. C28

ViaLink C20

New homes and real estate specialist, presents thousands of new homes in France. Finding a new apartment or house has never been easier : search by city , radius , map, prices , tax system , number of rooms, etc ... you will find a property investment or a primary residence in just 3 clicks C10


enVisite provides easy technology to create and broadcast 4K high definition virtual tours of existing properties. Online and live showings thanks to our LiveRoom technology ; available on mobile phone, tablets and VR headsets. B27

Exposio B12


The rental inspection app for your tablet! Starting today, there is a way to perform a rental inspection as it should be done, either on your iPad or Android tablet. Chapps Inspector represents a well-rounded approach, without the need to compromise or improvise. A35

RealTime A30


We advise and accompany the real estate professionals in the development, evolution and optimizing their information systems. In this context, we work on topics related to the management of advertisements and contacts by offering industrial solutions or "custom made A17

Celize A25

Visimmo 3D A26

Base10 A37


Real software referent, 100 % mobile, equipped with smartphones and digital tablets applications : Creation of internet sites in responsive technology, real-estate Webmarketing & Google Referencing. Agile in each configuration : Real estate agencies, Groupings, Networks of agencies and agents. A36

Arka Studio A22

DP Logiciels : KRIER et H2I

DP Logiciels is a group leader on his market. Editor, integrator and service providers near the professionals of the real estate, the Group develops and markets via its subsidiaries H2I and KRIER, 2 ranges of software bound for the real estate agencies and the adminstrateurs of goods. Our software solutions in Transaction, rental Management, Syndic of condominium, are supplemented by a wide range of services Web and portable applications on shelves and smartphones bringing an important added-value to its customers. A21

Kineti Technologies

Kineti Technologies produces tactile and interactive tables, terminals, and totems. This French start-up has developed in particular, K-IMMO, an immersive solution with a large touchscreen which allows 360° virtual tours. With this solution, Kineti Technologies innovates and provides to real estate agents the possibility to change their business model. A05


ARFORIA holds its expertise in the production of Experiential Media. We bring a new dimension to your projects by integrating the latest technologies to create 3D immersive and interactive experiences adapted to institutional, corporate and commercial uses. B28

Shelterr is a real estate web based platform with a simple and innovative approach allowing users to find in a few clicks only properties corresponding to their needs. C17


2VR develops and distributes a Virtual Reality « all in one » solution, dedicated to existing properties (houses, apartments, offices, hôtels, resorts,…). It allows to easily shoot, create and visualize VR visits into a headset, and export them on a web site. We are also a global VR agency, able to handle projects involving Virtual Reality in fields such as marketing, communication, training, … and based on any VR media (photo, video, 3D modeling). C30

Eudonet CRM

Founded in 2000, Eudonet is publisher and integrator of CRM and XRM solutions, 100% web, in hosted or intranet market. In France, Canada and all around the world, 800 companies trust us. We chose to develop a solution dedicated to real estate professionals, creating synergies between the power of CRM application and specifics of your business. D01

Marketing Immobilier D02


SCALE- 1 PORTAL turns a wall or a small room into an immersive doorway to a virtual world, displayed in real scale. The immersed user only has to wear standard 3D glasses, and is not isolated from the real world. He can freely interact with the virtual world using his body as he would in the real life, without having to wear sensors. D06

Anaxago Immobilier

We bring the peer-to-peer revolution to the Real Estate world. Making crowdfunding a reality for professional developers, we have already funded 9 million euros. D07


SPRINBOX offers real estate professionals a collaborative platform that places the customer at the heart of his file. SPRINBOX simplifies and rationalises the communication between all stakeholders by inventing a new relationship with the customer. D09

Imoxo C26

Parking Facile

Parking Facile offers motorists to access private car parks with a phone. This allows partners to optimize their parking management flexibly and without constraint. The service is operational in Bordeaux, the company is developing in other cities, and is looking for new partners! E01


HEXAGONe offers to carry out your direct investment in the real economy through the only crowdbuilding plateform dedicated to the housing development and construction. D10


Global operator with real estate professionals for over 20 years, Numen facilitates and secures the exchange, analysis and archiving of your documents. Our business solutions include electronic content management, customer relationship management, paperless exchanges, Desktop Publishing 2.0 and Big Data. Numen helps you to offer a digital experience for your employees, partners, customers, prospects... C36


Timm propose effective solutions that use the latest technologies to simplify your business : A simple, ergonomic and fast full-web application. Custom solutions for your website and SEO. Innovative training sessions to think and progress. C22


Superimmo is an online residential real estate site for home buyers, sellers, renters in France. Superimmo partners today with more than 8680 real estate agents and lists more than 900 000 properties in France. Properties on Superimmo are exclusively listed by real estate agents, home owners can’t list directly their property without going through an agent. A20

Cedreo mysketcher

Create 3D plans and high quality interior and exterior renderings, quickly and easily. My Sketcher is the easiest and best way to create home models and plans online. In just a few clicks, you can create your plan with more than 1,000 items and materials and generate top-notch 3D renderings. A19

Euro Web Associates France

EWA was created in 2015 and has as activity the creation of web sites for the housing market. C35


alveen™ is the first real estate community platform. A new 3 in 1 product combining both the added value of a professional, the effectiveness of a search engine and scope of a social network. Clearly, the promise to provide unexpected answers to professionals and individuals in record time .... for free! A27

Belka VR

Remote exploration of ultra-realistic 3D universes. Our products offer a true sense of the space and beauty of the places you are exploring. Our 3D spaces are accessible online, whatever your browser, whatever your device. By combining visual quality with smooth browsing, we offer you an optimal user experience. Real estate developers, show your clients or your partners what your projects will really look like. Real estate managers, create the best conditions for a remote tour of your most exclusive properties. E02

Au Cœur de l’Immo

The agency Reference, specialized for 16 years in the Communication on the property, is pleased to present aucœ Launched in April 2013, the site is a platform offered to the public involving three major types of completely free services: • Real estate news: true "hub" of information provided in real time, you will find all the current real estate and many thematic files • Real estate ads: goods of offers for sale and rent, professionals from all over France • immo Jobs: job offers from major industry groups and recruiting firms with the ability to create its profile in a bid approach In 2015, to meet the trends web and SEO, site becomes responsive to fit all types of media (computer, smartphone and tablet). We are present on social networks with nearly 35,000 fans on Facebook and more than 1,100 followers on Twitter. C25

homePad B22


Launched in February 2003, Explorimmoneuf offers a complete range of new properties, with over 200,000 ads for new properties and land. The site contains all the regional news, advice from experts, the latest deals, a region-by-region guide to property prices, and a directory of individual house builders and land available for construction. The site also offers access to several free services such as email alerts and bank loan simulations. A02

Byzerpro D11


WannaSpeak develop a full range of products and services under SAAS model. All our services , really easy to deploy, are there to help website owners (real estate agencies or portals) in their daily task to acquire new customers and to measure their ROI and prove the performance by giving all details of the calls flow. WannaSpeak provides services such as Call Tracking, Clicktocall, email tracking, SMS and a full set of APIs. C21 C08


Helps property managers to deal with customers claims, automate treatments and gain efficiency. KerForHome transform claims in satisfaction-creation tools. E06


LeBonBail provides a simple and innovating Web App to online draft a lease agreement: online assistance, invitation system to make the tenant fill in his information, electronic signature, alerts for contract’s important dates. And when the contract is completed, writing a new one only takes a few clicks. LeBonBail is available to all and provides real estate professionals dematerialization solution for their own rental agreements. D12


The number one commercial property website in France, was created by and for professionals. WEBIMM has over 30,000 properties available, including offices, industrial units, warehouses, land and retail space. WEBIMM offers to advertise your property on three reference sites: WEBIMM, AGORABIZ and SELOGER, an iconic website on the French market. By advertising on Webimm, you’re putting yourself within reach of every market segment (directors, entrepreneurs, facilities managers etc.) for every size of property. B23

Rodacom B16

New homes and real estate specialist, presents thousands of new homes in France. Finding a new apartment or house has never been easier : search by city , radius , map, prices , tax system , number of rooms, etc ... you will find a property investment or a primary residence in just 3 clicks C10

NEXT Co Grid Vrick E03


BeYat the real estate software Easy & Effective . Publishers solutions dedicated to Innovative Real estate professionals : transactions software , web agency, smartphones and tablet applications , cloud consulting... A23

Vitrilia A23

Published by Webradios Editions company, is the first real estate information webradio. Specialized chronicles, a varied musical program, targeted information, the 24/7 programming and podcast replay can be accessed on the website and dedicated mobile application. E05

BusinessFil Immo

BusinessFil Immo is a service of BusinessFil company (SVP Group), specialized in legal information delivered by telephone and in the creation of contents with legal character. Created in 1992, it answers every year to 20 000 legal, tax and social questions of its professional clients to guide them in the management and the development of their business. The company is organized around several areas of expertise : transaction, renting operation, trustee, co-ownership, town planning, taxation, business, social management… All of our experts are employed by the company, have at least a legal master degree, and they are specialized by fields of expertise. Experts have access to 10 000 documentary databases enriched by the relevant regulations and case law. E16


Software and databases to rapidly calculate the cost of construction, renovation and maintenance projects. BatiChiffrage is an activity of Batiactu Groupe. E04

Veasyclip - Veasymo

Altervoice provides the real estate industry with several innovative video applications to promote the properties and to enhance sales process. VEASYCLIP allows real estate agents to capture the video directly from their smartphone. Then in a few clicks, the shots are improved, a movie is edited and posted on its web sites and on all social networks. VEASYMO allows real estate agents to invite every people who wants to follow the visits of their properties in live video and remotely. This will expand its outreach and improve efficiency. Altervoice is a digital video treatment specialist, French Tech Rennes and Images et réseaux hub member E13


Simplify your real estate sales ! First 3D plans and virtual home staging service for real estates sales Archiwow is a service dedicated to the creation of real estate 3D floor plans high quality interior renderings (Virtual Home Staging) Only 3 minutes to place your order by e-mail. We take care of your plans and deliver you in 48 hours your 3D views. A19

La Bonne Pierre is the first digital solution which is fully dedicated to the investment in leased properties. The cornerstone of this brand new approach is the focus on the investor's financial capacity and his goals in terms of return on investment. The search engine associated to the website enables investors to find properties of various natures, anywhere in France. A real booster for this undervalued market. E12

Ricoh Imaging

RICOH IMAGING EUROPE S.A.S. is a leading supplier of recreational and professional imaging equipment, with a long standing brand heritage in both Pentax and Ricoh branded products. Its product range is extensive and includes state of the art digital SLR, medium format, interchangeable lens system (mirror less) cameras, expert, action and outdoor compact cameras and an extensive range of high performance lenses and accessories. In addition, it has a wide range of binoculars and spotting scopes, suitable for a variety of activities. Recently, the range has been extended with the RICOH THETA: camera capturing 360 ° spherical pictures and videos. C24


OKIDOKEYS turns entrance doors into connected doors and offers a versatile access control. Easy to install on an existing lock, no wiring and no drilling, OKIDOKEYS connected barrel can lock-unlock doors with a smartphone via the iOS/Android free app, or with a GSM via encrypted audio keys (CAC system), or with RFID tags, or with metal high security keys. With OKIDOKEYS application users can: lock and unlock the doors / check the status of the lock / check the operations history / create-cancel- limit key life. Ideal for recurring rentals, landlords can create, send and disable the key for the renters and when they wish, for a specified period, remotely and securely; tenants have no worries to get the keys, or to have enough for family and friends; perfect for property managers, they will not need to move for letting a plumber or electrician in ... E15

Floor Planner

Floorplanner is the easiest and best-looking way to createand share interactive floorplans online. Whether you're moving into a new house, planning a wedding or reorganizing your living room, Floorplanner has the right tools for you. With Floorplanner you can recreate your home, garden or office in just a few clicks and furnish your plans with our huge library of objects. B18


Immup commercializes TakTikimmo. TakTikimmo enables real estate agents to: - Acquire new mandates, using the most complete and reactive collection of real estate listings available on the market. - Attract more buyers by automating the competition monitoring of their online ads. - Expand their offer by initiating inter-agency contacts. C07

Snapkin E08


Information P01

Fédération des chambres immobilières du Québec

The Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards is a non-profit organization that oversees the 12 real estate boards in the province of Québec. It was created in 1994 following the enactment of the Real Estate Brokerage Act. Its mission statement is to promote and protect the interests of Québec's real estate industry so that the Boards and their members can successfully meet their business objectives. The Federation provides real estate boards and their members with a variety of services in areas such as professional practices, government relations and market analysis. P02


Manifone is an innovative French voip Telecom Operator proposing via Manivox, it's BtoB division, a variety of value-added voice services to the real estate agencies like local national and geographical telephone numbers from more than 50 countries. The advanced Manivox web administration interface provides detailed call tracking statistics. E07

Aptalis C08

Home Stepping

Home Stepping is a new vision of architect and interior designer work to make property sales easier., Combining a mix of photo editing, plans creating, 3D realization and augmented reality, this service provides the assets to unveil all the potential of a property to the future buyer. E09


Leading company in computerized solutions for estates’ managing business ( with more than 1400 clients ) , we provide daily, simple and efficient solutions to help you dealing with your customers. C14

Simply Move

Simply Move is the 1st real customer service in France and Europe. 100% automated and personalized with your colours, we integrate your customer path and assist you in their relocation and settlement. E11

Cognityk / 360° Solutions

Cognityk is selling a new solution of 3D scan for doing virtual tour of existing assets : Scan’VR. Cognityk is doing on demand solutions of virtual tour for undeveloped property : Visit’VR. E10


VA-Live is the first virtual guided tour solution for real estate field. The agent is now able to show a property trough internet, lead the visit and interact in real time with the virtual visitor. A18

Curiosity E08

IM-Pact E08

Studiopack C41

France EDL C09

Bubbles Company P04

Upcline E14


Sup Tertiaire

SUPTERTIAIRE plays a key role in the real estate sector and its modernity. By innovating and investing in new training programs and curricula every year, it brings concrete answers to both learners and companies. In addition, SUPTERTIAIRE is developing distance learning for all its programs. For 20 years, it has been committed to training initiatives, allowing everyone to thrive and fulfill a long-lasting career project. E05

Studio Pack C41

Centris P02

Arc Center – OAVIZ

Arc Center is a 3D Studio created in 1994. It’s specialized and recognized by the real estate actors to create innovative 3D sales solutions. E17

MagicEvent E17

MyPhotoAgency D09

RENT partners and sponsors

RENT plays a key role in enabling real estate professionals to meet, get to know each other and make business contacts. This is why major players in the real estate industry have decided to sponsor or partner this event. RENT gives lead partners, media partners, presentation and awards sponsors an ideal venue for their brands.

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